Fort Lauderdale, 2018

Stepped Bottom


For 2019, we have further developed and improved our model “ALPHA”. Besides the many new standard features and available optional equipment, we have taken on the task of adding a stepped bottom for every hull going forward.

In close cooperation with Doug Wright and High Tech Composites, we have created a two-step running surface specifically for “ALPHA”. All of the knowledge and experience that went into this project came directly from Doug’s many years of experience as one of the top names in offshore racing.

As founder and President, Nikolai Sass explains: “We contracted Doug to design a state-of-the-art running surface with minimal but effective steps. We didn’t want anything exaggerated and pretentious, but instead wanted to focus on keeping the clean lines of the hull while getting the performance result we were set on.”

After having the step-inserts precision tooled at Doug Wrigh’s facility, they were permanently bonded to “ALPHA’s” molds to be used for all future hulls of this model.

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