Detroit, October 2016

New Vintage USA


Designing, Engineering and Building a custom or semi-custom yacht with the best equipment and materials is not all that is required in today’s competitive market. In order to translate the purest production version of a concept design without too many compromises can only be achieved with tenacity and resolve. The cost of designing, expensive prototyping, installation and finishing of special parts as many times as it takes to make them fit and work, is not for the faint-hearted.

In order to be outstanding as a company with the product we offer, it cannot stop at simple custom equipment. We have to go a step beyond and make these parts unique and bespoke.

Among the countless custom- and customizable parts on “ALPHA” we are proud to show a hand full of truly unique pieces. One of these pieces is the multi-function analog clock housed in the center of the dashboard panel. As the only analog instrument on the large glass helm, it stands out presenting the SV logo.

In addition to the standard time, we also have a ring for a 24-hour military time. In the bottom half of the clock we show an independent smaller face presenting a Tide-Clock with the typical 24hour 50.5minute tide cycle. Every detail has been meticulously crafted down to the redundant energy source that will keep the clock running for years without draining the boat batteries and the backlight integration with the yacht’s color concept and digital switching.

A true masterpiece in design and creation. Realized in Cooperation with New Vintage USA.

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