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Recognizing the lack of high-performance inboard boats that combine power and speed with top of the line luxury and usability, Nikolai Sass founded SV Yachts in 2015.

Born in Switzerland where he received his formal education including multiple degrees in design, Nikolai has been a boat enthusiast since his youth. Strongly influenced by the Mediterranean style of boating and the beautiful classic wooden boats on the lakes of Switzerland, Nikolai’s European heritage has greatly added to the design and quality of SV Yachts and the model ALPHA.

Having sailed large parts of the Mediterranean and Caribbean has strengthened Nikolai’s understanding of navigation, boat ownership and boat building.

SV Yachts as a brand aims to occupy a niche role in the boating market. The combination of a high-speed vessel with inboard racing engines and a large wrap-around center console, offers not only a visually attractive design, but also adds security to passengers on board.

The model ALPHA is intended to show character and individuality while maintaining our claim:



SV YACHTS customizes and hand builds every yacht with enthusiasm and pride. The foundation of a high-quality result is the careful selection of each material and component being added during lamination, assembly, and the outfitting process. SV Yachts is proud to work only with the best professional partners in the industry.

The model ALPHA is an all Fiberglass, Aramid and Carbon fiber construction. All composite parts of ALPHA are CNC machine cut and laminated with state-of-the-art technology and know-how. This process allows for precision, consistency and the lightest and most durable parts attainable.

Assembly of all composite parts is done with specialized and high-tech adhesives eliminating the need for most screws and bolts. This results in an ultra-high adhesion and cohesion factor on all bonded pieces. Due to this process, ALPHA is not subjected to corrosion and greatly reduces the risk of cracks or de-lamination of its composite parts.

Outfitting of all equipment and machinery is done by master craftsmen with years of experience. The materials used are specifically selected by SV Yachts, its’ engineers and designers, for each specific purpose. Be it to reduce weight, increase durability or offer the most comfort and luxury possible.

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